Sunday, July 12, 2015

[Summer of Color... week five...]

Oh I loved this weeks colors
in the 'Summer of Color' challenge...

Green + Green + Pink...

Green is a favorite for me...
and Pink isn't far behind...

so it made it very enjoyable
to complete an art journal page...

I think the girl in my painting
was feeling the bliss of it all as well :)

Happy week everyone...

Jenny X


  1. Jenny, your art journal pages are absolutely beautiful! I can tell that you enjoyed this week's SOC colors! She definitely looks like she was feeling bliss! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  2. Yes Jenny, she IS feeling bliss, it looks like she has just closed her eyes and breathed it all in... so peaceful. I never tire of looking at your beautiful face creations.

  3. Oh, she does look blissful. These pages are fabulous!!

  4. i also think she was/is feeling bliss.
    looking at her inspired something in me to settle and calm
    thank you
    this is lovely

  5. Well she's feeling it...and I'm feeling it. What a nice journal page using the colors...very peaceful too.

  6. Golly, shes a gorgeous gal. I really admired how you treated these colors, and I felt you used them to your advantage, too. Great spread.

  7. I can see the bliss :)

    ..... really enjoyed catching up with all you journal girls :)

    Karen x

  8. Beautiful Journal pages, she is definitely blissing out, maybe meditating. Her top looks like a dream catcher as well, such a beautiful feeling this whole journal page gives

  9. yes, she looks as if she's thinking: finally .... my favorite colours .... ;-) It is so much more enjoyable when you can work with colours that you like, isn't it. Love the spontaneity of your piece....

  10. Hi Jenny. What a great piece. Great use of the colors.😊