Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Summer of Color.... week 6...]

Hard to believe that this is the final week
in the challenge...

Thank you SO much Kristin for taking us on
a fabulous color journey <3...

The colors for this week were...

orange + orange + blue...

and I have to admit that along the way
I found a new affection
for the color orange...

true... I use it as a flesh color...
but rarely in its deeper form...
and now we seem to have become friends...
I certainly plan to use it more...

here is my finished page...

thank you everyone for the beautiful comments
that you left me during the past six weeks...
I have definitely felt the love <3

happy week to you all
Jenny X


  1. I love your girl Jenny, she is so beautiful. Love your use of the colors, her eyes are so great. Looking at her makes me happy :)

  2. I love your subtle use of this weeks colours.

  3. She is beautiful Jenny, such blue eyes . I wonder what she is thinking. She looks like a girl that is comfortable with who she is. Just gorgeous
    Mary x

  4. Beautiful painting for SOC, hugs, Valerie

  5. She is absolutely beautiful, Jenny! I have really enjoyed seeing your creations these past weeks for the SOC! Thank you for everything! Hugs, Sharon

  6. She's lovely and sad.... I think she wishing the Summer Colors were not coming to a close. I only got in on the last two weeks, but have loved all your entries.

  7. such a lovely piece Jenny. I so enjoy the design element again in this piece. it adds a feeling of atmosphere, wondering where she is from for me.
    sweet week to you.

  8. Fabulous subtle take on the colours! She's intriguing as I can't decide which mood she has, I like it very much.

    Love and hugs

  9. Beautiful eyes. She's great and of course great use of the colors. Enjoyed your contributions.:)

  10. she is enchanting-her eyes really draw you in!

  11. I love how "soft" the colors are, almost mute.

  12. A very effective use of color for this week's challenge!
    I like the expression in her face. Very nice work.

  13. This is beautiful Jenny! I have to agree with you - I too have enjoyed using orange and am planning to use it a lot more in the future! Hope to see you next time!

  14. A very beautiful face! Ulrike

  15. beautiful, really wonderful face.

  16. Great use of colours in your face, just stunning. x

  17. Excellent you use of the colours

  18. Gorgeous piece and super reflection of the colours so subtly, BJ

  19. Those eyes-like icy pools and so beautiful.

  20. Oh my Jenny, but you do wear orange so beautifully in your paintings. I think this is my favourite you've done for SOC... she is sooooo beautiful, serene.... classical! I'm so sad that SOC has come to its final end.